326th Yearly Meeting of NCYM (Conservative)

Seventh Month (July) 12 - 16, 2023

Theme: Transformed By Truth

YM in person at Guilford College with Zoom options for some sessions.
Schedule and program details below (subject to change as the Spirit directs).
Only day visitors and virtual attendees can register after 6/24.
Overnight accommodations not available available for late registrations.



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Program Presenters for the 326th Yearly Meeting of NCYM (Conservative)

Fifth Day (Thursday) Plenary

Haven Kimmel Holmes
Writer and member of West Grove Monthly Meeting

Sixth Day (Friday) Plenary
(in person or via Zoom with registration)

Noah Merrill
New England Yearly Meeting Secretary and recent FWCC Americas Keynote Speaker

Noah Merrill seeks to be faithful in Friends' tradition of gospel ministry—the practical spiritual work of encouraging faithfulness and awakening hearts. Noah’s gifts of vocal ministry, writing, and presence have been recorded by his local and regional meetings. His service has included advocacy and humanitarian aid efforts in support of the people of Iraq and southern Mexico, as well as organizing and nonviolent action in response to violence and injustice in many forms. Noah was a founding board member of Quaker Voluntary Service, seeking to offer opportunities for faith formation and service in Friends tradition for young adults across the United States. For much of the past twenty years, he has been blessed to travel, connect, and serve among Friends throughout the Americas and beyond. In these travels, he has particularly cherished opportunities to encourage Friends called to ministry in Cuba, Bolivia, and the United States as they recognize and respond to God’s call in these times. In April 2012, Noah offered the plenary worship address on behalf of North American Friends at the Sixth World Conference of Friends in Kenya. Since 2013, he has served as Secretary for New England Yearly Meeting of Friends, nurturing the life of local Friends meetings throughout the Northeastern United States. A member of Putney Monthly Meeting, he makes his home in the West River Valley of Southern Vermont.

Seventh Day (Saturday) Program 

Talent Show

Daily Bible Study led by Richard Miller
(in person or via Zoom with registration)

Thursday Interest Groups

Option 1:  Discipline Revision Committee Report - Lloyd Lee Wilson (Community Center)
Meetings have been using the first revision of the Queries this past year.  The committee has considered feedback from the meetings and has made further revisions to them.  Friends are invited to gather together to consider the current revisions to the Queries prior to the report to be presented Seventh Day, 7/15/23 (Saturday) morning.

Friday Interest Groups

Option 1: Invitation to Quaker Eldering - Mary Kay Glazer (Book Room)

The role and function of spiritual elders is an important one in our meetings. In many ways, elders are those among us who help keep us grounded in Spirit as we live out our faith in our meetings and in the world. This interest group is for those who are curious about what it means to be a Quaker elder today; those you would like to encourage this ministry in their meetings; and those who would like to share how they have experienced the ministry of Quaker eldering in their meetings.

Mary Kay Glazer is co-author of the book An Invitation to Quaker Eldering: On Being Faithful to the Ministry of Spiritual Nurture Among Friends.

Option 2: Exploring What It Means to Be In Community - Nan Bowles (Community Center)

Saturday Interest Groups

Option 1: Noah Merrill (Community Center) - a space for people to discuss his Friday evening message.