NCYMC 2023

2023 YM Worship with Attention to Business Draft Agenda with Documents

[See also YM Announcements for information not covered in sessions]

Please be aware that items may change depending on time constraints or as the Spirit directs.


5th Day (Thursday, July 13),  a.m.

Opening minute

Zoom orientation & other reminders for a smooth session

Recognizing Visitors 

Interim Body Minutes

Request for Committees to draft:    Letter to Absent Friends, Epistles, and Summary of Exercises

Epistles Received: 

Report from Quaker Earthcare Witness

State of Society Reports

6th Day (Friday, July 14), a.m.

Query responses from Meetings  -  These will be read over several days

6th Day (Friday, July 14), p.m.

Report from Quaker House  - Wayne Finegar

Nominating Committee
Query Response from Meetings

7th Day (Saturday, July 15), a.m.

Nominating Committee

Discipline Revision Committee Report 

7th Day (Saturday, July 15), p.m.

Yearly Meeting Committees (continued from 6th Day)

Hospitality Committee

Any remaining business

1st Day (Sunday, July 16), 10:00 - 12


[presented at the end of worship]

Reading of the Advices

Letter to Absent Friends

Epistles (To Friends Everywhere, Iowa (C), Ohio, and Youth)

Closing Minute