Travel in the Ministry

North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) Trust Fund 

“Traveling in the Ministry” 

A brief history indicates that as early as 1911 a committee formed “to look after those traveling amongst us in truths service.” In 1914 the meeting was informed that “there is a legacy in the estate of Louisa I. Cromwell of $1200.00, which through the kindness of our late Friend Edwin L. Pearce, has been donated to NCYM (Conservative) for the spread of the Gospel.” The trustees were directed “to hold said fund in trust and use the interest from same in the manner designated by the donor.” From its inception there have passed many who have served as trustees. The fund has made some growth over the years through individual donations and interest incurred. 

Over the years the fund has provided assistance to the following: visiting friends from outside the yearly meeting, travel outside our yearly meeting, travel to the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, and School of the Spirit. In keeping with the initial bequest, the trustees welcome request from Friends whose endeavors lead to travel in the ministry in truths service for the spread of the Gospel, and in providing information on the workings of our yearly meeting to those who seek us out. Request may be made for partial support toward the efforts to meet this goal. 

Request for assistance can be made by completing the “request for assistance” form and sending to to the attention of the Travel in the Ministry Trustees. The Trustees will review all requests and render a decision in a timely fashion.

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