Officers, Committees, and Appointments

[Last updated 2/13/2024 - DRAFT DUE TO QUESTIONS]

Clerk Michelle Downey (Fayetteville)

Assistant Clerk Anne Olsen (Davidson)

Recording Clerk Mark Wutka (Friendship)

Treasurer David French (Virginia Beach)

Clerk of Ministry & Oversight Janis Ansell, interim (Friendship)

Recording Clerk of Ministry & Oversight Marguerite Dingman (Durham)

The Interim Body (2022-2023)

Davidson: Anne Olsen, Kristin Olson-Kennedy, David Perry, Brandi Murko

Durham: Marguerite Dingman, Kent Wicker,David Haines, Jessica Barnhill, Chaz Lang

Fayetteville: Susan Lees, Melidy Poole, Michelle Downey

Friendship: Deborah Shaw, Carole Treadway, Lloyd Lee Wilson, Hanna Hobson

Rich Square: Barbara C. Gosney, Robert E. Gosney, Edward Pearce, Patricia Deneen, Bob Parker, Mary Kay Glazer, Mark Moss

Virginia Beach: Nancy Craft, David French, Tom Bertrand, Elizabeth Waitekus

West Grove: Charles Ansell

Wilmington: Huey Marshall

Ex Officios: Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Recording Clerk

Standing Committees, 2023-2024

Book Committee
Receive books from the bookstore, set up book sale table at YM and collect book money, return unsold books to the bookstore. (Note: Volunteers are always appreciated to help in bookstore set up and take down, and with the operation of the bookstore)

Janis Ansell (Friendship MM), convenor
Nancy Craft (Virginia Beach MM)
Carole Treadway (Friendship MM)
note: additional staffing is encouraged at YM sessions

Documents Committee
Committee examines Epistles sent by other yearly meetings and Friends’ groups and chooses those they feel deserve circulation among our members. In conjunction with the clerk of yearly meeting they make available links to Epistles online.

Susan Lees (Fayetteville MM)
Nancy Craft (Virginia Beach MM)

Financial Review Committee
In Fourth Month the Nominating Committee presents two or three names to constitute The Financial Review Committee for approval by the Interim Body. This committee, with the assistance of the yearly meeting treasurer, annually reviews financial records of the yearly meeting.

Robert Parker (Rich Square MM)
Tom Kennedy (Virginia Beach MM)
Brandi Murko (Davidson MM)

Journal Editorial Committee
Plan, publish and distribute the occasional “Journal of North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends (Conservative).”

Kent Wicker, (Durham MM)
Carol Passmore (Durham MM)
Carole Treadway (Friendship MM)
Janis Ansell (Friendship MM)
Lloyd Lee Wilson (Friendship MM)

Minutes Publication Committee
Prepare the minutes of yearly meeting sessions for publication, including gathering written reports, formatting, and proofreading.

Mark Moss (Rich Square MM)
Patricia Deneen (Rich Square MM)
Mark Wutka (Friendship MM) ex officio

Travel Support Committee
To contact yearly meeting of icers and those appointed or are considering whether to serve as North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) representatives to outside organizations to facilitate adequate funding and other needs the representatives may have.

Mark Moss (Rich Square MM)
Charles Newlin (West Grove MM)
Pat Phelan Young (Virginia Beach MM)
Gwen Gosney Ericson (Friendship MM)

Trustees of Trust Funds
Trustees for the fund for travel in the ministry.

David Perry (Davidson MM)
Carey Reece (Rich Square MM)

Standing Committees for 2024 Yearly Meeting

Hospitality Committee
Plan accommodations for yearly meeting sessions, coordinate with the host facility, assist with accommodation problems during yearly meeting sessions.

Deborah Shaw (Friendship MM),  convenor
Hanna Hobson (Friendship MM), registrar
Michael Misenheimer (Durham MM), Zoom Host/ Tech Support

Yearly Meeting Planning Committee
Plan the yearly meeting program.

Deborah Shaw (Friendship MM)
Marguerite Dingman (Durham MM)
Susan Wilson (Friendship MM)
Sidney Lee Kitchens (Friendship MM)

Youth Program Planning Committee
Plan and coordinate yearly meeting activities for babies through teen-agers. (Note: Volunteers are always appreciated to assist the children and teenagers as they are involved in the planned activities.)

Andrew Wright (Durham MM)
Goldie Walton (Wilmington MM)

Standing Committees composed of Monthly Meeting Representatives as reported to the Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee

Records Committee
Oversee the preservation of yearly meeting and monthly meeting records in the Quaker Archives at the Guilford College Library. Quaker Librarian Gwen Erickson (Convener, ex officio)

Durham Jennifer Killen
Fayetteville Michelle Downey
Friendship Claire Koster
Rich Square Barbara C. Gosney
Virginia Beach Nancy Craft
West Grove Katherine Newlin Hadley
Wilmington Terri Butler

Nominating Committee
Composed of one appointee from each monthly meeting and one ex officio member from Travel Support Committee, prepare nominations for presentation to yearly meeting sessions, or as needed, for clerks, standing committees, and special appointments.

Davidson Brandi Murko
Durham Marguerite Dingman
Fayetteville Susan Lees
Friendship Judy Reece
Rich Square Edward Pearce (co-convener)
Virginia Beach Tom Bertrand
West Grove Charles Ansell
Wilmington Cheryl Fetterman
Travel Support (ex officio) Kristin Olson-Kennedy

Finance Committee
Composed of the treasurers of monthly meetings or an alternate designee appointed by each monthly meeting: review and make recommendations for the yearly meeting budget. Yearly meeting treasurer is ex officio.

YM Treasurer David French
Davidson David Perry
Durham Larry Chapman
Fayetteville Susan Lees
Friendship Stephen Holland
Rich Square Bob Parker - convener
Virginia Beach David French
West Grove Charles Newlin
Wilmington David Hensler

Web Page Committee
Recommends content, oversees content and functionality, reviews content for timeliness, promotes use of the web page and monitors appropriate access. They meet at the call of the convener with email communication used to consult concerning web page content.

Davidson Kristen Olson-Kennedy - convener
Rich Square Barbara Gosney
Virginia Beach Natalie Bray
West Grove Corena Owens
Wilmington Connie Keller

Special Appointments, 2021-2022

AFSC Corporation
Representatives to attend the annual board meeting in Eleventh Month (up to 4 representatives)

Toby Berla (Durham MM)
Laley Lippard Virginia Beach MM) term ends 3/2026

Coordinators to Work with other Conservative Yearly Meetings
Maintain contact with and visit other Conservative yearly meetings in Ohio and Iowa during Eighth Month, and promote a presence and understanding of Conservative Friends.

Nancy Craft (Virginia Beach MM)

Friends Committee on National Legislation
Six representatives with 3-year terms to attend annual board meeting, which is typically held in late fall or early winter in Washington, DC, area.

Peter Klopfer (Durham MM) term ends 12/31/2023
Claire Williams (Durham MM) term ends 12/31/2024
Keith Williamson (Virginia Beach MM) term ends 12/31/2024
Khamani "Gigi" Williamson Virginia Beach MM) term ends 12/31/2025
Daniel Rhodes (Friendship MM) term ends 12/31/2025
Huey Marshall (Wilmington MM) term ends 12/31/2026
Tom Bertrand (Virginia Beach MM) term ends 12/31/2026

Friends World Committee for Consultation
Four representatives with 3-year terms to represent yearly meeting at annual meetings and serve on national and regional committees.

Bob Parker (Rich Square MM) term ends 12/31/2023
Michael Misenheimer (Durham MM) term ends 12/31/2024
Gwynne Wells (Virginia Beach MM) term ends 12/31/2025
Sarah Miller (Friendship MM) term ends 12/31/2026

Quaker Earth Care Witness
One representative to attend annual meeting in Tenth Month and serve as a liaison between Quaker Earth Care and the yearly meeting.

Jennie Ratcliffe (Durham MM)

Quaker House, Fayetteville, Board of Directors
Represent yearly meeting on the board, which meets approximately every 45 days, on a Seventh Day, for a few hours.

Mark Moss (Rich Square MM)

Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation

Debbie Parker (Durham MM)

Discipline Revision Committee

Lloyd Lee Wilson (Friendship MM)
Andrew Wright (Durham MM)
Janis Ansell (Friendship MM)
Marguerite Dingman (Durham MM)

Ministers and Elders in NCYM-C



Rich Square

Virginia Beach

West Grove

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