Youth Activities

Do you have a story to share with children and youth?

Dear Friends,

The theme of our yearly meeting sessions this summer will be "Living Faithfully in a Fractured World". We want to explore what it means to be faithful during difficult times with our Young Friends. Do you have a story that you might share with children and youth in our yearly meeting about how your faith was vital to carrying you through a difficult time? Or, maybe you would share a practice or way to pray or reliable scripture reading that you turn to when you need support?

We are asking Friends to listen inwardly and see if they have a message to share. If so, we ask that you write a couple paragraphs (a page at most) and send it to us. We plan to put these together in a booklet. Then we will print these out and mail them to children and youth who are active in the yearly meeting. We will use this booklet as a resource for when we meet with the children and youth during yearly meeting sessions. We will need to have all contributions by the 21st of 6th month, so that we have time to assemble the booklets, print them and then mail them to the children and youth in time for yearly meeting sessions.

Please consider sharing your experiences with us.

Goldie Walton (Wilmington Friends Meeting) and Andrew Wright (Durham Friends Meeting)