Fayetteville Friends Meeting was begun by local Friends who were involved in the work of Quaker House of Fayetteville.  The earliest record in the Fayetteville Friends Meeting archives shows an application for membership on 6-20-1972.  Correspondence shows the Meeting was a Preparatory Meeting under the care of Raleigh Friends Meeting in 1973.  In 6th month of that year, a wedding was held under the care of the Meeting.


Late in 1976, a petition for release from the care and oversight of Raleigh Monthly Meeting was made.  In 1st month of 1977 the Meeting received a letter from Raleigh Monthly Meeting releasing the Meeting from Preparatory status, and urging affiliation with Piedmont Friends Fellowship.


Correspondence shortly after release from Raleigh Monthly Meeting shows the Monthly Meeting looking for affiliation beyond Piedmont Friends Fellowship.  One piece of correspondence stated that the Meeting was “looking for oversight and care” of a larger Quaker body.  Contact was made with Friends World Committee for Consultation, who referred the meeting to Friends General Conference.  Friends General Conference recommended the Meeting contact Piedmont Friends Fellowship.


Records in Fayetteville Friends Meeting‘s archives show members beginning to attend North Carolina Yearly Meeting’s activities in 1981.  In 1983 the Meeting requested that North Carolina Yearly Meeting allow Fayetteville Friends Meeting  to come under their care for a provisional time” to consider membership in North Carolina Yearly Meeting.  Later that same year, the Yearly Meeting welcomed Fayetteville Friends Meeting into membership.